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What is Elbow Dysplasia FMCP?

Elbow Dysplasia is a condition characterized by abnormal formation of the elbow joint. FMCP is a specific type of elbow dysplasia where the Medial Coronoid Process fractures (bone chip in elbow). This can be caused by the humoral condyle not fitting properly in the joint socket and when there is pressure down it, they can break the process off of the Ulna.

How do you Diagnose FMCP?

You, your primary veterinarian, and our veterinary surgeons will use multiple layers of diagnostics to confirm FMCP in your pet. Severe lameness, pain, and stiffness in gate may aid in diagnosing FMCP. Your primary care veterinarian may perform a physical exam with possible radiographs of the elbow joint. He or she may then suggest further review/diagnostics by a referred specialty veterinarian. Dr. Jha will perform a thorough physical exam with hyperextension and flexion of the elbow joint as well as additional radiographs depending on the diagnostic quality and time frame of the radiographs taken previously. However, if none of these can give him a clear image of the bone fragment or if the fragment seems to appear loosely attached to the ulna, then a Computed Tomography (CT) scan might be used in addition to the original radiographs.

Treatment of FMCP

For the best long term health of your pet, surgical removal of the fragment is recommended. This is a minimally invasive surgery where Dr. Jha places a small camera scope into the joint and removes the small bone chip. FMCP can also be treated with conservative therapy, however this is not recommended and delay of the removal of bone fragment will cause cartilage damage and increased osteoarthritis.

Recovery Time

These dogs we tend to see recover in 2-3 weeks with activity restriction. Some physical therapy or rehab could aid in the recovery of full range of motion faster.

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